Basic Tunelist for Easton PA /Phillipsburg NJ OldTime Jam

The Easton Phillipsburg Oldtime Jam has a new home! We'll be meeting the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month at 7PM at the 1st Presbyterian Church of Easton PA at 333 Spring Garden Street. (See map at bottom of page.) We use the door facing Spring Garden that's nearest the corner of Bank Street, and we're in the downstairs room (not NEARLY as many steps as our old jam home!) If you have any questions or suggestions, or if you wish to be on our email list so you'll be notified of our planned summer pickin' picnics, just let me know.

Numbers after tunelists reference where a backup guitar sample, chord chart, or jam recording can be found on the web. Scroll down to see source.

This is not a definitive list, by any means. I fully expect people to suggest and start different tunes at the jam. This is just a starting point, and a way for folks who haven't attended before to see what we're working on. As this jam develops, so will the tunelist.

I've linked to SIMPLE versions, the simplest I could find, as opposed to Professional Gussied Up And Showoffy versions, the better for everyone to learn the tunes. I'd rather hear you add your own gussying. :-) I'll be adding to this as I can. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know.

Also, the fiddle hangout website, where I link for some of these tunes, has been doing some file juggling on their servers. Occasionally that causes a broken link from this page. Please yell if that happens, so I can fix it. Make sure to tell me which tune has the problem.

Updated 12/14/09

Key of D

Fiddle tuning- ADAE

Key of G

Fiddle tuning- GDAE

Key of A (mostly modal tunes, mostly dorian)

Fiddle tuning- AEAE

Sources for Backup guitar samples, Chord Charts, and Fiddle Jam Recordings

  1. California State Oldtime Fiddlers Backup Tracks Now behind a paywall, unfortunately.
  2. Terri's Tom and Libby Jam Recordings
  3. Terri's Black Creek '07 Recordings
  4. Terri's Lake Genero '07 Recordings
  5. Pegram Jam Chord Chart Book
  6. Terri's Lake Genero '08 Recordings
  7. Mannion's Jam List (mp3s and guitar chords)
  8. Terri's Yarra '08 Recordings
  9. Charlie Walden's Project (mp3 downloads)
  10. Hill Country Tunes by Sam Bayard (notation)
  11. Bent Mast Oldtime Tune List
  12. Mossy Roof Oldtime Tune List (mp3s and banjo tab)
  13. Terri's Yarra '09 Recordings
  14. Terri's Yarra '07 Recordings

Anything that is listed on the California State OT Fiddler's Backup Tracks list can be found in sheet music form in the Fiddler's Fakebook.

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